5 Reasons You Should Consider a Microwedding

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Microwedding

Over the past year, the microwedding has found its place among wedding traditions. Despite beginning as a necessity during the pandemic, the microwedding has proven itself to last well into life beyond lockdown—couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings for a variety of reasons. If you haven’t thought about having a smaller wedding, here’s 5 reasons we think you should consider it:



Less Stress


Naturally, planning a smaller wedding is less involved, meaning less stress for you. You’ll have fewer issues coordinating, and fewer RSVPs to keep track of. You’ll be able to spend less time planning, and more time enjoying your engagement!

Lower Cost


With a lower number of guests, you’ll save money on your wedding. You’ll purchase less food and drinks, spend less money booking a smaller venue, have a lower cost on rentals for a smaller party, and much more. If you’re on a budget, a microwedding is a great way to save money.



More Creativity With Your Budget

When you plan a smaller wedding, your budget goes a lot further. The lower cost means you’ll have more room to get creative with your budget—you can splurge on a more unique menu, better entertainment, or even book your dream venue—the choice is up to you!



You’ll Love The Guest List


A smaller guest list means you’ll only be surrounded by those most important to you on your wedding day! There’s no difficult decision to invite a distant relative you don’t know well, as you’re only inviting those essential to your wedding. Each guest will be someone close to you, making your wedding feel that much more special. 

More Time For Each Guest


With fewer guests, you’ll have more time to spend with each one. Instead of a whirlwind of greeting hundreds of guests and barely seeing each, you’ll have quality time with the people most special to you on your wedding day. 

Your Dress


One of the best parts of a microwedding is that you still have all the best parts of a traditional, big wedding, which includes your dress. Your budget will go further on your dress, and if you’re looking to cut costs on a beautiful wedding dress, you can still find a dress at a price you’ll love—at Jayne’s Bridalwear, we have gowns for every budget, and a room dedicated to Ready to Wear bridal dresses. 

DP403 by Demetrios Platinum



If you’re looking for something dramatic and regal, this Demetrios ball gown is perfect—and is available from our ready-to-wear collection. Delicate embroidery and flowing tulle makes this ball gown a stand-out bridal gown. 

Ladder to the Moon by Pronovias



A modern, sleek wedding dress, this design from Pronovias reflects like perfectly to glow as you move. The effortless silhouette is perfect for fashionable brides who love simplicity!

6923 by Stella York



A traditional A-line, this design is perfect for brides who want something classic, simple, and timeless. The lace on the bodice rises to create an illusion neckline and off-the-shoulder straps, giving it a romantic look you’ll love. 

Book an appointment at Jayne’s Bridalwear and find your perfect wedding dress for your microwedding.