Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips

One thing we know about weddings? You’re going to be photographed a LOT! This means that you’re going to want your makeup to be as flawless as possible to last through the tears and laughter. Today we’re sharing some of our top bridal makeup tips to help you prepare for your big day!



Create a mood board to set your vision

You should check out Pinterest if you haven't already. The platform lets you compile makeup inspiration images digitally. Visuals help you decide what to wear and how to look on your big day! It's also helpful if you work with a professional makeup artist if you’re not sure what direction to go in. When you have a reference, you can better articulate what you want.



Pamper your skin so it looks and feels its best

In order to prepare your skin for your wedding day, you should moisturize and glow it before you apply makeup. If you haven't already started a skin-care routine, now is the time! Healthy, glowing skin looks best with luminous makeup. Keep your skin healthy by getting regular facials, but avoid invasive facials as near as possible to your wedding day.



Think about your wedding season

It's important for a bride to pick a foundation based on where and when she'll be getting married. You don't want your foundation to look too dry or flat in winter. Don't wear anything that gets too shiny in the summer. If your wedding is daytime and nighttime, pick something long-lasting!



Makeup Trials Are A Good Idea

Most freelance makeup artists offer bridal trials separately from the wedding day. The trial is so important for you and the makeup artist. Because you've tried different looks, you'll feel confident and happy knowing what you're wearing is right for you and will last. You should also do a trial if you're doing your own makeup so you know what you're looking for!



What's the secret to long-lasting makeup? Primer

Makeup needs to last through every photo, dance, and toast at a wedding. It's for this reason that primer is so important! To make sure it lasts as long as possible, choose something that works with water-based and cream products. It's also great if it has a sticky base!



Be sure your makeup is waterproof

Make sure all your makeup is waterproof! Makeup will stay in place all day with this extra layer of protection. If you get a little weepy, use a beauty blender to blot your tears. The product will get pressed into the skin instead of leaving streaks.



Use your setting spray before the last minute

It's hard to beat the mental and physical security of a setting spray when you're wearing your dream makeup. Keep each layer intact by using this during and after makeup application!