Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Keep in mind that different seasons have different color palettes when planning your wedding! It is important to take into account the many variations of color palettes available during wedding season, even though it lasts all year long. You just need to decide which one to use! 

Our blog post today will focus on choosing wedding colors according to the season. It makes deciding what color palette to use SO much easier when you use the weather and surroundings as inspiration. There's almost a sense that the seasons decide for you! Here are a few of our favorite color palette ideas for each season:






It's the perfect time of year for weddings in the spring! It's a great time of year for foliage, since temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold. There are many reasons why spring weddings are special, including the blooming flowers, the soft sunlight, and the longer days. After a long, gray winter, any spring wedding will be beautiful, regardless of style, theme, or budget.


A soft pink, coral, or yellow color palette is a good choice for spring weddings. Pastel colors are also a favorite of ours! White, cream, and green go well with them.






If you're planning a summer wedding, you can always choose a garden or beach theme. Consider vibrant colors like pink, blue, green, orange, or yellow if you want to make a statement. The summer season is the perfect time to pair golden tones with bright colors. 

For summer weddings, orange, yellow, and blue are the most popular colors. Don't be afraid to experiment! Summer weddings also benefit from punchy primary colors, tropical greens, and rustic neutrals.







Weddings in the fall are popular for many reasons; the weather is warm but not too hot, guests can wear formal attire, and the leaves change colors, providing the perfect backdrop! Your autumn wedding colors are probably already clear to you. Reds, purples, burgundies, and rusts are the colors of an autumn wedding. Metallics and golds are often used in weddings during the cooler months. We love muted colors as well!







Winter weddings are here!

Winter has become one of our favorite seasons for weddings. As well as traditional festive colors, winter weddings include copper, metallics, pinks, frosted pastels, grays, and blues.

 There are many beautiful colors you can use to decorate your winter wedding! The warm and opulent colors of this palette are perfect for winter. If you're not a fan of bold colors, pastels with a cool feel are another option.


You're sure to find inspiration for your wedding with these color palettes! It is important to choose colors that bring you joy and make you feel good. There are no rules, but we definitely think it helps to offer some suggestions!