What is a Trunk Show?

What is a Trunk Show?

If you’ve started the journey of wedding dress shopping, you’ve probably figured out that the process is a little different than your typical shopping trip! In many bridal shops, brides often wait months to have their wedding dress made to order and then tailored to fit her perfectly. It’s more rare to go into a store and immediately find the exact gown you’ll wear on your wedding day. But you know what another unique element of wedding gown shopping is? Trunk shows! Today we at Jayne’s Bridalwear in Doncaster wanted to talk a little bit about what trunk shows are and what the benefits of shopping one can be.


Essentially, a trunk show is when a bridal shop has a full range of wedding dress samples on hand from a bridal gown designer. These gowns can usually be bought at a discounted rate if they’re purchased at a trunk show! 

A trunk show is a really great opportunity for brides who love a particular designer to see a more expansive range of their gowns. While it’s not usually the first time a bride goes into a shop, it can be a wonderful opportunity to find your dream wedding dress. 


What Happens at a Trunk Show

What’s great about a trunk show is that you get to see so many more gowns from a designer than you normally would in a bridal shop. For example, let’s say we have 5 to 8 gowns in our store from Pronovias. Usually we’ll have samples of those gowns in-store and then if a bride likes one of them, we’ll custom order that gown in their own size. If we featured that designer in a trunk show, you’ll get to see samples from their entire collection - which can often be as many as 30+ wedding dresses! This usually happens for a certain range of time and often includes the newest styles from that designer. Some trunk shows even feature bridesmaids dresses. 


Traditional Dress Shopping vs. Trunk Shows

Truly, the biggest difference between the two is having more gowns to try on at a trunk show and being offered discounted prices. That said, you’ll still want to book an appointment for a trunk show and make sure you have time to peruse the racks and see what your favorite gowns are! It’s important to note that we’ll still have to place an order for the style of gown you choose at the trunk show. 

We hope this explains a little more about what trunk shows are! Stay tuned for our upcoming events and if you’re ready to find a wedding dress, book an appointment with us today at Jayne’s Bridalwear now!